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Canada Awaits You

Canada is an award-winning destination for adventure seekers and travellers searching for breathtaking experiences. We are looking for people like you desiring to travel, discover, and visit our beautiful country. The Canadian territory is home to over 45 national parks, a diverse flora and fauna, some world-class gastronomy, many invigorating festivals and events, plus the country has a rich cultural depth. Simply put, there are adventures waiting for you after every turn. You will be able to walk, admire, and enjoy the longest coastline in the world, make memorable encounters, experiment a diverse cultural heritage, and embrace four distinctive seasons; all of which have an array of activities and potential. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?


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Visit, Study, Work...

Whatever your immigration goals, our team is dedicated to your success. This is where your Canadian life begins.

Why Canada?

Approximately 250,000 immigrants come to Canada each year, and about 150,000 immigrants become citizens each year. Welcoming international citizens is a necessity for our country's growth and development. Since GoCan's beginning, our main goal has been to facilitate the transition of a maximum of qualified immigrants desiring to move to Canada.

Canada has many things to offer



Getting an education has the potential of helping you build the life and career you have always dreamed of, which makes this an important life decision. Canada has a reputable educational system of great depth. It will promote the development of new skills, the acquisition of new experiences, many job opportunities and the launch of your career.


Vacant Jobs

Canada has programs available to help internationally trained professionals find employment in their current job-related industry. We have the ressources to find the perfect job for you in your desired field.


Available Hospitals

Canada’s emergency rooms are renowned for their low waiting-time and the system allows for patients to quickly see specialists and schedule operations. All those specific attributes make for Canada’s unparalleled public health system.



Canada figures in the safest countries in the world. Having peace of mind is an integral part of our culture. According to Statistics Canada’s data, Canada is considered to be a safe haven.

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